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Loving Yourself Beyond 'Likes'

In this social media world, many women will agree that it has changed how they look at themselves. For some, it has impacted how much they love themselves. Would you agree? Read on.

Riya is a 20-year-old college-going girl. She is very active on social media and has been using social media for the past 5-6 years. Shreya is her college friend. Their friendship started over their “likes” on social media posts.

Shreya: Hey Riya. How are you? I just commented on your Instagram post. You looked really pretty!

Riya: Hey Shreya. I'm good, what about you? Thank you so much!

Shreya: I'm good too. By the way, it must be really nice, right? Getting so many compliments from everyone about yourself. That must really boost your confidence and self-esteem. If I too had a face like that, I would love myself! Also, you are becoming like the influencers we follow on Instagram, pretty face and smart. You must really love yourself!

Riya: Yes it's nice hearing compliments from others, but sometimes I don't think I deserve them, to be really told.

Shreya: Why would you think like that? I mean look at yourself, you are pretty and smart as well. You must really love yourself.

Riya: Loving yourself doesn't come easy, you know. I have struggled with so many bad days looking at myself and hating how I looked! I also used to measure how much I weighed and would cut down my meals by that. Going constantly to beauticians to look good. But even after so much effort, I couldn't really feel good. You know, if you have noticed I deactivated my social media account some time back because it was getting so overwhelming for me to constantly monitor everything, to look at other people and compare myself, to see everyone being the best of themselves whereas I was struggling to even complete 1 hour of walking and not stress eating. It was so emotionally and physically draining for me.

Shreya: That's shocking to hear! It does sound draining. I hope you did something about this. Did you?

Riya: I talked to my mother about this. I told her that I don't think I deserve to be loved by the way I look and my studies are not also that appreciable. Then my mother told me, these things are just little parts of myself. With them, I may or may not look good, but they are important to me. Just like a puzzle, all pieces are essential and even if one part does not have something beautiful drawn on it, it doesn't mean that the puzzle when completed won't look beautiful. No matter how much money I spend on myself, or how many people compliment me, it won't matter to me as I myself don't believe in that. I learnt that in order to be accepted by others, you have to be accepted by yourself first. After that, I really saw what self-love means and how it can do wonders for you.

Shreya: That's really nice to hear. This side of self-love isn't talked about much, the struggles behind it... But, it felt good to hear that you were able to do it. I hope you start loving yourself and appreciating yourself a little more. After all that we all surely deserve it!

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By Prerna Wadhawan

Ms Prerna Wadhawan is our Social Media Marketing Mental Health Advocacy Intern. She is also a Psychology student who found her passion in this field through her Psychology classes at school. She says - "Psychology for me has been a mirror and really helped me see myself and also at times others. I would be pursuing it further in my life. Being a part of Innate Mind, would provide me with the needed knowledge in this field. I aim to spread awareness on Mental health & Psychology through this page."