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Core Team

Disha Manchekar.jpg

Ms Disha Manchekar

Founder of Innate Mind

Ms Disha is the brain behind the functioning of Innate Mind. She looks after streamlining of work, delivers therapy sessions, develops awareness content as well as co-facilitates wellness workshops.


Ms Disha achieved the prestigious Business World Well-being 30 under 30 awards for her outstanding contribution to the field of Mental Health. She was amongst the 30 brilliant professionals and founders from all over India.

Media Feature

Ms Disha has been interviewed by GoSolo, Interview Portal and Eat My News. Her expert opinion was reflected in Mid-Day, The Established and Springtide Magazine too.


Ms Disha has an enriching 6 years of experience as a Psychologist, Trauma Therapist, EAP counsellor and workshop facilitator. She is intensely passionate about working with individuals and companies alike to develop mental wellness. As a former HR professional, she brings her experience in providing EAP services.


Master's in Psychology (Clinical) - 2019
Master's of Labour Studies - 2016
Certified in Trauma Focused Therapy - 2022
Certified in Solution Focused Brief Therapy - 2021
Certified in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - 2020
Certified in Gestalt Therapy - 2019
Certified in Graphology - 2014

Surabhi P M_edited_edited.jpg

Ms Surabhi Anish

Psychotherapist & Co-Facilitator

At Innate Mind, Ms Surabhi brings her passion to developing content for mental health awareness and co-facilitating wellness workshops.


Ms Surabhi has 2.5 years of experience as a Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Researcher. Her passion for research and awareness evolves beautifully while designing workshops and awareness content at Innate Mind.


MPhil in Clinical and Counseling Practices - 2022
Master's in Psychology (Counseling) - 2019

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