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How To Cope During A War Crisis?

"Mental Health is political."

How often have you heard this? Our mental health is impacted by political scenarios like war crisis. It vastly disrupts the way we live by putting tremendous cognitive pressure to adjust in the given situation. With respect to armed conflicts, WHO says that, "10% of the people who experience traumatic events will have serious mental health problems and another 10% will develop behavior that will hinder their ability to function effectively. The most common conditions are depression, anxiety and psychosomatic problems such as insomnia, or back and stomach aches."

Studies also suggest that the way we perceive these war crisis can help to reduce the long term traumatic impacts on our mental well-being. So, does it mean that the key is to change our perception? Probably.

Viktor Frankl was not only an Austrian Psychiatrist, professor but also a holocaust survivor. In his memoir - Man's Search For Meaning, he says:

If making a change in attitude helped him then it can help us too to cope during a war crisis.

Here are some ways in which we can cope:

Ask yourself:

1) What am I reacting to? Thoughts/ Emotions/ Sensations?

2) What meaning am I giving it?

3) What are my options in the given situation? Change/ Accept?


1) What can I change? Situation/ Environment/ My reaction?

2) How can I make the changes?

3) What resources do I need?

4) When can I make this change?


1) It is as it is

2) It is okay for me to not fight my emotions and thoughts

3) This is a normal body reaction

4) I need to accept this situation

Lastly, ask yourself:

What can I do that will best help me/ others/ the situation, right now?

I understand that coping during such crisis is difficult. Hence, once you get answers to this question have faith and do what is best suited for the given situation.

Note: If you are struggling to deal with depression, anxiety or trauma, we urge you to book a therapy session.

Take care!

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