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Changing my life with 'Affirmations' .

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

There is an unusually long & non-consistent list of things that I want to achieve in my life. Inconsistent because, every time I dive in and achieve one of these things, I realize the profoundness of life. Take for example, the day when I achieved my goal of attracting to myself, one of the most beautiful DSLRs ever made; the Canon EOS 550D. Perhaps the beauty of achieving all of this through the law of attraction with the aid of affirmations, is that you realize the power that we humans possess. You are easily able to attract to yourself certain tangible things, but slowly and eventually you realize that life is more than just attracting your dream phone or dream car or dream house. My 13 year old journey with the law of attraction has taken me to many places; from attracting a specific phone for myself to attracting good health for others to having a career of my dreams to starting on the path to spirituality; affirmations have always be my one of my main tools in this journey. Let me tell you why immediately after finishing reading this article, the first thing that you should do is; create a few affirmations for yourself.

  • They give you a sense direction or savoring

If you are a goal oriented person, having your affirmations fixed in place continuously helps to allow your mind to align itself to whatever life goals you currently have. A better job, a specific car or some improvements in the current relationships. Whatever it is, having an affirmation in front of us redirects our thought and energy in the direction where we want to go to. If you are a slightly relaxed person whose life Mantra is to enjoy life as it happens to you or if you have not fixated any goals, having an affirmation is a great way to contribute meaningfully to your present, which you so dearly enjoy.

  • They stop the overthinking

There are times when certain situations make us go into an overthinking spree. Unless we are expert meditators or yogis, it becomes extremely difficult to come out of this negative, self-feeding loop. Affirmations are one of the most powerful weapons that can be deployed in this situation. Think of affirmations as that overly energetic friend who shakes you off of your daydream by shimmying your shoulders forcefully. Whatever it is that you are doing suddenly gets kicked out of your mind to be replaced with thoughts of positivity.

  • They plant thoughts in the subconscious

The main essence of harnessing the power of the law of attraction, or rather the fundamental step in achieving what you want to achieve, is to plant the thought related to that goal inside your subconscious mind. Maintaining a healthy list of affirmations and going through them as many times as possible throughout the day significantly increases the rate at which we are able to feed the relevant thoughts in our subconscious mind, thereby accelerating the rate at which we are able to manifest that which we want.

  • They're great mood boosters

Once our mind is tuned to the use of affirmations, we may use them as quick mood boosters too. When we go through our affirmations, we are literally looking at things that we want in life. Whatever we want in life is supposed to bring us happiness. So, looking at affirmations, we are actually looking directly at those things that will bring us happiness in the future. And just because they exist, we start feeling some amount of happiness in the present. It's similar to you thinking about a vacation on a work day. If you have already planned the vacation and everything is in order then all you need to do is give its time and even though you are currently working and may be working for the whole week, just the thought that there is a vacation coming up within a week makes you happy in the present.

  • They inspire

When you constantly use affirmations as a guiding light for you to achieve your goals to manifest a kind of life that you want for yourself, people around you observe. People tend to pick up certain signals once they become prominent. If there are certain people around you like maybe your friends or colleagues or family, they will notice how your continued use of affirmation has visibly improved your life over the course of few months or years, and if they feel that they want to head in the same direction, they will definitely take all of that inspiration from you and take charge of their life. Before you know it you end up helping many other people without even realising it.

I have been using affirmations since I was about 14 years old, and ever since then, affirmations have been an integral part of my life in order to truly harness the power of the law of attraction. Affirmations have given me almost a complete control over the kind of life that I want to have, and continue to remind me how magnificent my life can become just by writing them down on a piece of paper. Technically I am not a psychologist, so I do not have the statistics or names of studies which are conducted with respect to the usefulness of power of affirmations, but they do exist and if you have hard time believing something of this magnitude exists within your control, then maybe you should take a look at such studies and statistics if you want a convincing push.

It is my wish and prayer that you start using affirmations as soon as you can.

By Avaneesh Sharma (Law of Attraction Practitioner & Blogger)

He has over 13 years of experience in practicing the law of attraction. He has also helped many people understand & apply the Law of Attraction in their lives. His blog at is geared towards creating an understanding of the Law of Attraction and help others on their journey through various concepts related to the human mind.

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