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Therapy is a supportive healing process where you can consult Ms Disha to address emotional, mental, and behavioural issues. It helps you to understand your feelings, develop coping strategies, and improve your overall well-being, fostering personal growth and resolving life’s challenges in a safe, confidential environment.

Who can consult you for therapy?

Therapy is for everyone, regardless of age or economic background, seeking personal growth, healing from trauma, managing stress and anxiety, improving relationships, and overall well-being.


Does therapy include prescribing medicines?

Therapy does not include prescribing medicines. However, if consulting a Psychiatrist/ Neurologist/ Physician is beneficial for the client's well-being then the Psychologist will suggest it.


What therapy approach is followed?

Ms Disha follows an eclectic therapy approach. It means using a combination of techniques from different psychotherapies like CBT, REBT, ACT, DBT, SFBT, Trauma Focused Therapy, and Gestalt Therapy, to address the client's issues.


What mode of therapy is available?

We provide virtual (Video & Audio) as well as in-person therapy in Mumbai (Borivali & Malad).


How much is the fee per session?

Our fee is ₹ 2,500/- per session of 50-minutes.


Do you offer a sliding fee scale range?

Yes, we open sliding/ discounted fee therapy slots every month based on their availability.

For appointments

Please reach out to us on WhatsApp at +91 9326825780.

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