Ms. Disha Manchekar (Psychologist & Founder of Innate Mind)


Imagine waking up every morning feeling positive and liberated. To feel victorious over your anxieties, stresses and worries! How great does that feel? Life can get difficult, and sometimes a little help from a professional Mental Health Service Provider can make things better.

In 2020, I opened the doors to my practice for clients residing around the globe — offering them a wide range of counseling and psychological services to guide them through life’s challenges. I provide my clients with the right tools they need in order to seize the day and learn how to tackle the most traumatic circumstances. 

- Ms. Disha Manchekar

Psychologist & Founder of Innate Mind


Know Your Mental Health Professional

Professional Experience

Ms. Disha has an enriching 4+ years of experience in the field of mental health. She has helped clients from all walks of life to improve their emotional and mental well-being.
She is experienced in conducting mental well-being workshops for corporates. She also conducts awareness workshops at community level and actively shares her knowledge on Innate Mind's social media pages.


  • Master's in Clinical Psychology from Maniben Nanavati Women's College (SNDT University)

  • Master's of Labour Studies from LNML Maharashtra Institute of Labour Studies (Mumbai University)

  • Certificate Course in Gestalt Therapy from Psychphoenix Psychological Services & Training Institute

  • CBT Practitioner's Course from The Academy of Modern, Applied Psychology

  • Intensive Training in SFBT from Academy For Solution Focused Approaches And Research


Disha ma'am has helped me cope up to things when I was at a very low point in life. I'm really thankful to her for being a patient listener and helping me find a solution to the situation I thought are rather unsalvageable. Will be ever grateful to her.

Dr. Parul (MBBS)