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" Imagine waking up every morning feeling positive and liberated. To feel victorious over anxieties, stresses and worries! To get a direction towards solving all your problems! How wonderful does that feel?
We all have an innate ability to live a life that feels this way. Sometimes, we feel lost or even stuck making it difficult to live such a wonderful life. A little help from a professional Mental Health Service Provider is all we need.​In 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, I founded Innate Mind to help clients across the globe — offering them a wide range of psychological services to guide through life’s challenges. With the help of my team, we provide our clients the right tools they need in order to seize the day and learn how to tackle even the most traumatic circumstances. "​- Ms. Disha ManchekarFounder of Innate Mind

Our Vision.

At Innate Mind, each team member envisions

To guide individual clients and corporates in their Mental Wellness journey.

Our Mision.

We believe in guiding clients through

A) Ethical therapy and EAP Counseling
B) Interactive Mental Wellness workshops
C) Supportive mentorship

Our 2022 Journey


Therapy Sessions


Virtual Workshops


Training Program


Media Features

I really liked how the message of "Self-love is not selfishness but selfishness is not self-love either" was broadcasted. The workshop projected a well-balanced and realistic perspective on self-love. I also liked the fact that self-exploration was highly focused upon. It gave equal importance to both self-acceptance as well as self-accountability, inculcating a sense of responsibility, and humility along with self-confidence & esteem. The efforts put in behind building a team, the PPTs, the brainstorming & putting everything together is worth the credit. I wish the Founder, Ms Disha Manchekar and the team, Ms Surabhi & Prerana all the best for future projects! KUDOS.

Vaishnavi Madarkal

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