" We all have the ability to make our lives better. With proper guidance, it is certainly possible. "

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In India, 7.5% individuals suffer from mental health issues. During the COVID - 19 pandemic, researchers warned us not only about the physical implications but also the emerging mental health issues that will be experienced. Due to lack of awareness, stigma and unavailability of mental health professionals, many individuals end up not receiving professional help at appropriate time.

On June 2020, Innate Mind was founded by Ms. Disha Manchekar. She believes that each one of us has an innate or natural ability to maintain good mental health under any given circumstance. With proper guidance we can achieve this, thereby, leading a more fulfilled life. Keeping this noble belief in mind, Innate Mind is based upon two missions -

1) To bridge the gap between seeking help and getting quality psychological services.

2) To develop Mental Health awareness through well - researched content on social media, lives, webinars and student mentoring.

Innate Mind's logo has also been thoughtfully designed to be true to it's nameThe encircling blue chakra symbolizes the ongoing process of the mind. Hence, you can see the word 'Mind' written in blue. The inner pink and white lotus symbolizes natural harmony with the process of healing, growth and betterment. The word 'Innate' written in pink connects with this symbolic lotus.

NOTE: If you or anyone you know is feeling suicidal or witnessing abuse, please contact any of these helpline numbers - iCall 9152987821 , AASRA 9820466726 and / Vandrevala Foundation
18602662345 and

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Ms. Disha Manchekar is a Psychologist, certified Psychotherapist and former HR professional. Being a former HR professional, she has experience working with corporate employees, trade unions and blue-collared workers. She found her calling of becoming a Mental Health Professional during this phase of her career. She is determined to provide quality help to people and spread awareness about mental health at large. She has been affiliated with organisations like YourDOST, PinkyMind, Crush Fitness India and EAP India. 

She enjoys interacting with people through Innate Mind's social media blogs, making art, reading novels, watching movies and enjoying life's simple nuances.


  • Master's in Clinical Psychology from Maniben Nanavati Women's College (SNDT University)

  • Master's of Labour Studies from LNML Maharashtra Institute of Labour Studies (Mumbai University)

  • Certificate Course in Gestalt Therapy from Psychphoenix Psychological Services & Training Institute

  • CBT Practitioner's Course from The Academy of Modern, Applied Psychology

  • Intensive Training in SFBT from Academy For Solution Focused Approaches And Research

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