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Featured in The Established's Article

Can decluttering help abate anxiety?

De-cluttering does not mean clearing a space in the house but also your mind! In this article, Ms Disha provides her expert opinion about what it means to not let go of old items and how it impacts our minds.

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Featured in MyndStories Article

How to improve sleep quality naturally?

When was the last time you had a good night's sleep? Read Ms Disha's opinions in this article by Megha Kadam.

Featured in Mid-Day's Article

Why victim blaming needs to stop in cases of intimate partner violence?

It's easy for us to advise any victim to leave the toxic relationship. But, we need to understand what makes it difficult for them to do so. In this article, Ms Disha offered her expert opinion about the psyche of the victim partner in an abusive relationship in this article. She also mentioned the reasons for having difficulty leaving the abuser.

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Featured in Springtide Magazine's Article

Why do young people today turn to astrology and tarot in times of distress?

It’s interesting how some can find comfort in astrology, manifestation & tarot reading. But, what when they overdo it? Does it impact their mental health? Read Ms Disha's opinions in the Springtide Magazine's article by Neeharika Nene.

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