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Do I need therapy?

Consulting a therapist is as normal as consulting a doctor. You can consult a therapist when you experience either of the following -

  1. Struggling to talk about a difficult phase of life due to fear of judgement

  2. Feeling demotivated to work or carry on daily chores

  3. Frequently stressed out

  4. Experiencing depression or frequent low mood

  5. Struggling to cope with anxiety

  6. Finding it hard to let go

  7. Manifesting similar toxic relations

  8. Struggling to heal from traumatic experiences

  9. Willing to improve relations with self and others

  10. Wanting to start the journey of self - exploration

Is therapy for everyone?

Yes, therapy is for everyone. There is no fixed age to get therapy. Ms. Disha's youngest client was 10 years old while her senior most client was 65 years old. If you think you are in need of therapy, feel free to get in touch.

How long does each therapy session take?

Each therapy session is of 60 minutes duration. However, sometimes it may exceed depending on the need of the session.

Would I be prescribed medicines in therapy?

No, therapy sessions do not involve prescription of medicines. If during the course of therapy, Ms. Disha feels that her clients would benefit from psychiatric treatment then the same will be suggested.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

Yes, we offer a sliding scale rates.


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